Looking For A Cardboard Playhouse To Color

Looking For A Cardboard Playhouse To ColorCardboard playhouse to color is kids’ favorites and having one in the backyard or playroom will bring your kids lots of fun. Apart from fun, playhouses boost your kids’ creativity and imagination during the process of coloring, painting, and customizing their own playhouse.

Let me show you the four cardboard playhouses I liked best:

Top cardboard playhouses for kids to color and play

1. My Very Own House Cottage:

it’s made from a single piece cardboard that can easily be folded either downwards or upwards. It is almost fully pre-assembled and it takes simple folds to assemble it for play. This is actually commendable because it is hard to come by such a product in the market without pieces, brackets, nails, screws, and other parts, which make a complicated puzzle to assemble.

For coloring, this is one best playhouse as it comes with bright white interior walls and ready-to-color graphics on the outside, which kids can spend a lot of time doing their creative coloring. The playhouse is good if you have more than one kid because it has 2 doors and 4 windows and 2 mailboxes. This means they will not fight for one door or window but occupy each at the same time. It is made of a heavy gauge cardboard, which makes it durable, and given that it has no taps and sharp edges on the inside, it is also safe for the kids to play. 8 jumbo washable markers are also quite a good number for decoration compared to other brands, which come with a few markers. Click here to see the best price on this model  – top cardboard playhouses for kids to color and play 

2. Discovery Kids Cardboard Color and Play Playhouse:

it’s a large playhouse with can accommodate an adult and the kids inside. This means that it can accommodate most children who can spend hours and hours coloring it and it looks like a real house: 4 windows, 2 doors, mailbox, and a chimney. It can be easily assembled and disassembled making it great for sleepovers or play dates, which are really fun for the kids. For those who might need a small playhouse due to limited space, this might not be a good choice but it is a product that can bring more fun to your kids.
If you’re going to get this one make sure you use this link because it leads to the lowest priced listing I found on Amazon.

Other good options for imaginative play are also:

Cardboard Castle Playhouse:

This playhouse is designed to look like a castle, which is different from other playhouses. It is big and good for most children to color it for hours and hours by themselves both inside and outside. It can easily be set up which saves time for more fun for the kids and given that it can be recycled, the playhouse can last for a long time giving a good value for your money.

The large dimensions of the playhouse can be disadvantageous for people with limited room space. The playhouse also has an open top, which might make the kids uncomfortable because it does not bring a feeling of a real house and unless your kids love castles, you might have to consider if they would enjoy it first before making a purchase. It also comes with 4 colored markers, which are few compared with the size of the castle.

You can get the dimensions here: check dimensions and price.

Cardboard Pirate Ship Playhouse:

Pirate Ship is a playhouse that is unique with a design that resembles the long time pirate ships of the Caribbean. Enough for 2 or 3 kids and can be recycled from time to time. Pirate ship playhouse comes with colored markers and crayons for the kids to customize it. Parents and kids can easily assemble and fold it for storage without any struggle. It also has double lock tabs for greater strength and stability, made of 32 ECT board for durability and has no sharp edges for safety of the kids while playing. This playhouse is much fun as it brings a unique experience to the kids.
Click here to see the best price on this model – cardboard pirate ship playhouse
These playhouses are necessarily fun for your kids to color and play. They bring different experiences to the kids and the choice will depend on the desired features and experience that it comes with each.

Check out one of the four cardboard playhouse to color I researched above and let me know what you think!